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Postcards of UruguayIn this section, we present a matchless selection of photographs of Uruguay, divided by tourist corridor.

A huge variety of feelings reflected in 105 images specially chosen to thrill and amaze. A moment, a scene, a typical character, a detail. A memory to preserve and to share.

By choosing a tourist corridor on the navigation bar on the left, you will access these images, ready to be sent by e-mail.

Welcome Uruguay - Touristic Information about Uruguay: Digital Postcards
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Hot Springs

Uruguay is well-known for its hot spring resorts, which combine the healing properties of their waters, spa and esthetic treatments, as well as aquatic parks. Thus, visitors of all ages will choose the best alternative. This section presents the hot spring resorts in the country and their characteristics.


In Welcome Uruguay, museums are a part of the philosophy of every dweller. Therefore, they represent a tourist attraction for visitors to this beautiful destination. This section features the venues located all throughout the three regions that make up the country and invite visitors to the website to get immersed in their particular world.

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