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Interesting data

Interesting data

Entrance Formalities
As a main requirement to enter the country, it is essential to have an updated passport, except for citizens from Argentina and Brazil, who may only present their valid IDs.

Although countries like Russia, Morocco, India, Guyana, Egypt, Armenia and Albany maintain diplomatic relations with Uruguay, their citizens must carry out all necessary proceedings to get a tourist visa

Enquiries: Dirección Nacional de Migraciones (National Migrations Office)

Tourists entering the country by car coming from countries member to the Southern Common Market (Argentina – Brazil – Paraguay) must bear the following documentation:

  • Vehicle title.
  • Driving license.
  • Valid liability insurance coverage.
  • Vehicle registration plate issued at the country of origin.
  • In the event that the driver may not be the owner of the vehicle, they must bear a power of attorney authorized by a notary public.

A valid national ID is enough to give evidence of residence in the territory where the vehicle registration was carried out.

Those tourists coming from countries other than those mentioned above must bear the documentation already stated as well as a valid passport. They must also fill in a form for temporary admission and departure of vehicles which will contain the vehicle identification data and the list of accessories belonging to the owner of the vehicle or the authorized driver. Such declaration authorizes the vehicle to circulate inside the national territory and to depart from it.

When entering Uruguay, it is not necessary to declare items of personal use at Customs such as: items of personal hygiene, electrical appliances, clothes, portable photographic cameras, typewriters, calculators and specific objects for professional practices.

Objects such as video or photographic cameras, cassettes and DVD recorded for family use, portable CD and MP3 players, laptop and portable personal computers, amongst other items, are included within the category of used luggage. Over the counter drugs or prescribed medications with their corresponding prescriptions in appropriate amounts according to the needs and length of stay in the country will also be contemplated.

Mobile phones must be declared at Customs in order to get a line inside the country.

Beyond the items detailed above, Customs officers may check and withhold any other item, impose fines or other penalties, even imprisonment.

For enquiries about other goods to be entered in the country, contact Dirección Nacional de Aduanas (National Customs Office)

Services from the Cattle, Agriculture and Fishing Department control the entrance of pets in the country. Cats and dogs coming from countries member to the Southern Common Market, America and Europe may enter the country provided that they have a health certificate issued by the Cattle Farming Department from the country of origin describing the health conditions of the animal and stating proof of rabies vaccination.

Pets coming from other countries are required a prior entrance authorization where the health conditions they should meet will be stipulated.

The entering of specially bred cats and dogs or any other bird, mammal, reptile, batrachian species, must be previously authorized in writing by the <i>Ministerio de Ganadería, Agricultura y Pesca </i>(<i>MGAP- Departamento de Control de Comercio Internacional<i> -Constituyente 1476 Piso 2 Te. 412. 63.38). In addition, a certificate is required where the pet is free of Leishmaniasis.

The entry of products or by-products of plant and/or animal origin is not permitted. As well as veterinary and/or agricultural products.

For more information click here Ministerio de Ganadería, Agricultura y Pesca

At present, no vaccine or medical tests are required to enter Uruguay.

Time Zone
UTC – 3. In summer: UTC- 2. According to an official decree, clocks are adjusted forward one hour on the first Sunday of October at 2am until the second Saturday in March.

By phone: the country code from abroad is 598 and the area code for Montevideo is 2.

Antel is the national communications company, though there are several communications companies offering mobile telephone services.

Tourism Information
Information Center in Montevideo
Terminal 3 Cruces
(598) 2 4097399

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Uruguay is well-known for its hot spring resorts, which combine the healing properties of their waters, spa and esthetic treatments, as well as aquatic parks. Thus, visitors of all ages will choose the best alternative. This section presents the hot spring resorts in the country and their characteristics.

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Uruguay features a rich geography teeming with varied sceneries which range from small hills and hot spring paradises to the most exclusive beaches and cities where culture co-exists with tourism perfectly. Search for the photograph of your next destination and discover where it was taken.

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