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The Wind and the Sand

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To the South of Fray Bentos, there is a bathing resort called Las Cañas. Amongst cliffs and thick native woodland, visitors may enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches, especially in the summer.

Las Cañas Bathing Resort, Fray Bentos

Only eight kilometers South of Fray Bentos, there lies Las Cañas bathing resort. This pretty natural scenery, located in an area teeming with cliffs and thick native woodlands, on the shores of the Uruguay River, is the ideal spot to enjoy the benefits of the summer in a relaxing and quiet environment.

Every year, hundreds of people gather at Las Cañas to feel sunshine on the white sands of its beaches. In the surroundings, a paradise of ceibos, myrtle trees, espinillos and sarandíes form thick closed galleries that provide a humid and shady kind of shelter.

Las Cañas Bathing Resort, Fray Bentos

The area has been equipped with the appropriate infrastructure to welcome tourism. As a result, it features a picnic area, a recreational camping site, bathrooms, showers, hot water, electricity, a clinic, resting areas, shopping centers, a craftsmen market, convenience stores and entertainment which guarantee a pleasant stay for visitors. As well, the center of Las Cañas provides several accommodation options in hotels, cabins and bungalows.

The entire place has been designed to carry out activities in full contact with nature. Its beaches, in particular, are the setting for the development of activities including adventure travel, bird watching, windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, swimming and the traditional beach games such as beach football and beach volleyball.

Las Cañas Bathing Resort, Fray Bentos

All this, in addition to the friendliness of its people, turn this place into an excellent site chosen by a great deal of people who decide to rest at the Uruguayan littoral area.

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The area of Las Cañas is joint to the City of Fray Bentos, which stands 8 kilometers to the South, through a paved road with proper traffic signs. It may also be accessed through the road known as Panoramic Route.

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