Corredor Litoral

Always looking onto the beautiful Uruguay River and the Río de la Plata, the Littoral corridor is made up by Carmelo, Colonia del Sacramento, Fray Bentos, Mercedes, Nueva Palmira, Paysandú and Salto.

In these destinations, the mild riverbank sceneries speak about the origins of the Eastern Republic, just like in the historical neighborhood of Colonia declared World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1995.

Another singular Uruguayan nook on the Río de la Plata is Carmelo, which is very well known for its quiet beaches, very popular all year around, as well as for its swing bridge, which makes navigation easier.

Cattle exploitation and the ports, which gained international relevance during the world wars, constitute one of the economic pillars of the area. In addition to Nueva Palmira, Fray Bentos is an example of that, with its first National Museum of the Industrial Revolution, which is open precisely in the former Anglo slaughter house.

Overlooking the Negro River, Mercedes also stands out for its historical stamp, as it was here where General Artigas declared the beginning of the Uruguayan Nation in 1811. Nowadays, its natural landscapes invite visitors to enjoy fishing and nautical sports, which are combined with interesting cultural events organized by the local municipal authorities.

Farther North, on the shores of the plentiful Uruguay River, Paysandú and Salto attract thousands of visitors with the hot spring resorts known as Guaviyú, Almirón, Daymán and Arapey, amongst others. These booming tourist centers are equipped with good infrastructure regarding accommodation and gastronomy in harmony with the healthy natural environment of the region.

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Mercedes - Soriano

"Determination at Work Always Prevails"...

We visited the Baron of Mauá’s Castle and tasted its wine. A ride around the ideal city to be enjoyed with the family.

Right There

Nueva Palmira - Colonia

Right There

Only 4 kilometers from Nueva Palmira, there lies Punta Gorda. It is the geographical milestone where the Paraná River and the Uruguay River meet to give birth to the famous...

The Bulls in Real San Carlos

Colonia del Sacramento - Colonia

The Bulls in Real San Carlos

A few minutes from Colonia del Sacramento a wonderful treasure of bulls and bullfights can be discovered by any tourist. In order to understand it though, it is necessary...

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