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Capital of the department bearing the same name, Paysandú is a privileged city due to its location and its weather conditions, which turns this destination into a key zone for communication amongst the countries that make up the Mercosur (Southern Common Market).

Known as "The Heroic One" as a result of the historical events that took place on its soil, Paysandú features important aptitudes for tourist development. Its land access ways are Route 3 and 24, which connect this city with the rest of Uruguay, and 378 kilometers separate it from Montevideo –capital of the country. There is also a direct connection with the Republic of Argentina through the General Artigas International Bridge, which accesses the City of Colón.

The climate in this region is temperate and humid and average summer temperatures reach 20° C, though they drop sharply in the winter to 0° C.

Its main tourist attractions include the Guaviyú and Almirón hot spring resorts. Located a few kilometers from the city, they represent an excellent choice for those who enjoy health tourism at any season. The quality of its waters, rich in minerals, turns these centers into ideal destinations for relaxation and rest.

Entire families gather on the city shores to enjoy the sandy beaches, practice some sports, swim or just be amazed at the orange sunsets on the Uruguay River. The remarkable infrastructure and services provided by the nautical clubs are extremely attractive for lovers of fishing, nautical sports and sailing.

At the city, visitors may enjoy the Historical Museum or the Perpetuity Monument –amongst the most outstanding- which unveil a great part of the rich and booming history of the city.

Furthermore, Paysandú has a nourished calendar of events which summons a great number of tourists from all over the world. The Beer Week, celebrated in April, is one of the most important events celebrated in Uruguay.

This is an invitation to discover some of the nooks of Paysandú, a beautiful heroic city.
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