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HOT SPRINGS of Uruguay

Almirón Hot Springs


Location: 85 km to the East of Paysandú, following Route 90.

Characteristics of the water: These are the only salt waters in the country, as their origin is the sea, and they have significant healing and relaxing properties for they reach 42°C. They belong to the Yaguarí Aquifer, which features differentiated geochemical characteristics with a high content of salts, particularly sulfates and chlorides, calcium and magnesium, appropriate for medicinal use as it contains high tolerance chlorides, iodides and sulfates. It is colorless and it tastes salty.

Average temperature: 36° C Maximum temperature: 38° C

Therapeutic effects: Due to its high salinity, these waters are recommended for rheumatic treatments through hot spring baths.

Infrastructure: Almirón Hot Spring Resort is surrounded by sceneries of undulated hills, small woodlands destined for the practice of ecological tourism and creeks to enjoy fishing or adventure travel.

The peace and silence of the place summon thousands of tourists that enjoy the environment and may stay at cabins, hotels or a campsite area.
The hot spring center has 3 swimming-pools of different depths for immersion baths. One has cold water and another one has a spurt system.

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