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HOT SPRINGS of Uruguay

Arapey Hot Springs


Location: 80 km to the North of the City of Salto.

Characteristics of the water: From the physical and chemical point of view, it contains iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium and fluorine. It is free of arsenic and poor in sulfates and nitrates. It features evident and permanent radioactivity. It is colorless in small amounts and slightly bluish in great volumes. Its taste is nice and it is odorless.

Average temperature: 39° C Maximum temperature: 42° C

Therapeutic effects: The water emerging from the Arapey Hot Springs meets all the ideal conditions to be used as alternative and healing medicine and for therapeutic treatments. It is used in bathing therapy -prescribed as sedative- and in stimulating and destabilizing baths. It is highly effective in general rheumatism. Besides, as it is drinkable, its properties turn it into a high-quality drinking water, a stomach sedative and healing diuretic.

Infrastructure: This is one of the oldest hot spring resorts in Uruguay. Standing in the quietness of a countryside landscape, surrounded by rivers and native woodlands, it offers everything visitors need to ensure relax.

It represents a tourist attraction during the entire year, as it provides maximum comfort and customized assistance for guests who come along in search of its medicinal and healing waters as well as to rest.

It contains 6 pools, one of them indoors and another one partially roofed within a 250-hectare venue. As far as accommodation is concerned, it has 5, 4 and 3-star hotels, in addition to a wide range of bungalows and chalets. It offers 1,960 beds.

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