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HOT SPRINGS of Uruguay

Aquatic Park


This is the largest hot spring aquatic park in South America. It is a real recreational center of international level which contains pools and hot spring games specially designed for visitors of all ages. It is located inside the venue occupied by the Salto Grande Hot Springs and it is part of the Hotel Horacio Quiroga Resort.

Its most outstanding services include a hydro massage pool for 30 people and a great number of Scottish and Finnish showers. The venue has a giant cascade whose spurts massage the bodies of bathers. Real relax for adults.

Undoubtedly, “Playa Paraíso” (Paradise Beach) is one of the major attractions, as very big waves are produced inside a large pool through a system of air injection. Very amusing.

Furthermore, “río aventura” (Adventure River), which runs along over 180 meters, is an invitation to travel on rubber boats. There is a water castle with slides, hammocks and watering cans.

Lovers of adrenaline may enjoy “Anaconda gigante” (Giant Anaconda), a kind of circular slide, or else “Black Hole”, where vertigo is felt through a 73-meter long closed slide with an interesting set of flashes.

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