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Guaviyú Hot Springs


Location: 60 km to the North of Paysandú (441st kilometer marker on Route 3).

Characteristics of the water: The high content of mineral components such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and fluorine ascribe healing and sedative properties to these waters. They have mix features, as they are bicarbonated. This site is ideal for resting in an environment surrounded by a kind of nature that opens up in soft and undulated natural prairies.

Average temperature: 37° C Maximum temperature: 39° C

Therapeutic effects: It is not advisable to drink it, as it has a light content of arsenic. Should this excess be eliminated, it presents a purging effect if consumed.

If used for thermal baths, they have sedative effects; they diminish neuromuscular excitability and inflammatory processes. Therefore, they are good for disorders of the motor system, such as arthrosis, arthritis and chronic and metabolic rheumatisms.

Infrastructure: The venue lies next to National Route 3 surrounded by a wild environment of yatay palm trees. It has 4 circular pools with spurt systems for hydro massage. Accommodation options include municipal hotels, cabins, private undertakings or campsites. The area contains all the services for a pleasant stay. On the banks of the Guaviyú Stream, thermal activity may be mingled with pleasant boat tours or good fishing.

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