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HOT SPRINGS of Uruguay

Salto Grande Hot Springs


Location: 10 km to the North of the City of Salto.

Characteristics of the water: The Salto Grande hot springs are located inside the facilities of Hotel Horacio Quiroga. They are classified as bicarbonated, chlorided and sodical waters, and they have remarkable therapeutic effects. In reduced amounts, they are colorless and they acquire a bluish shade when concentrated in great volumes. Besides, their taste is pleasant and they are odorless.

Average temperature: 38° C Maximum temperature: 45°C

Therapeutic effects: As a result of their properties, these waters are highly recommended to heal illnesses, embellish the skin and especially for rest and relaxation. If drunk on an empty stomach, they counter act heartburn and they are prescribed in case of intestinal, duodenal and kidney conditions. Their use in bathing therapy ensures relax.

Infrastructure: The Salto Grande hot springs are part of the services provided b y Hotel Horacio Quiroga. They have a multidiscipline team of doctors who offer special treatments, including beauty, anti-stress and overweight control. The venue has pools, saunas, massage showers, Scottish showers, Finnish baths, gym, relax room and solarium. The hotel contains 80 rooms and is located in a 218-hectare lawn, an ideal place to cycle, ride a horse, go on a sulky tour or just walk around. Besides, there is a casino in the hotel.

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