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HOT SPRINGS of Uruguay

Daymán Hot Springs


Location: 6 km to the South of the City of Salto.

Characteristics of the water: The tests done on the properties of the waters emerging from the Daymán hot spring resort reveals the presence of iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium and fluorine. It is important to point out that the temperature of the waters of Daymán is the highest all through Uruguay, reaching a maximum of 46ºC. They are colorless in reduced amounts and bluish in great volumes. Furthermore, they taste nice and they are odorless. The power of these waters comes from the combination of heat and low salinity.

Average temperature: 39° C Maximum temperature: 46° C

Therapeutic effects: These waters meet all the ideal conditions to be used as alternative and healing medicine and for therapeutic treatments. Just like the Arapey waters, they are perfectly drinkable and used for immersion baths, as they have sedative and relaxing properties. They are highly recommended to treat rheumatism in general.

Infrastructure: Daymán Hot Spring Resort is one of the most ancient in the country. The group of professionals working in this place is considered one of the most important in the region.
The venue houses the Daymán Hydrothermal Resort, an institution of high scientific and ethical level known worldwide and providing various treatments for people with stress or rheumatic, traumatological, neuralgic and skeletic muscle disorders.

It contains 11 pools with temperatures regulated according to the weather and the season. The resort has saunas, hydro jets, ozone pool, Scottish and Swedish showers.
The thermal zone features a varied accommodation offer with hotels, bungalows and chalets of various categories and has a total capacity of 3,000 beds. In the surroundings, the Daymán River and its fine sandy shores maybe enjoyed especially in the summer.

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