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Located beneath the surface of the ground in Northwestern Uruguay, more precisely on the littoral area and always close to the Uruguay River, there lies one of the largest groundwater reservoirs in the world: the Guaraní Aquifer.

This water system occupies part of the Argentinian, Brazilian, Paraguayan and Uruguayan territories. In the latter, the waters temperatures range between 38ºC and 46°C, which turns this site into an excellent place for the exploitation of thermal waters emerging from the depths of the Earth.

The benefits of these waters have been known by men since ancient times and have been used as a source of health since time immemorial. As a result of their high content of mineral salts, the hot springs located in this Uruguayan region are used for immersion baths and turn out to be ideal to be consumed as drinks, as a stomach sedative and as a diuretic.

The properties of the water and the wonderful natural surrounding environment have led to the development of an attractive and varied infrastructure to enjoy the water that comes out from the Earth. At present, important hot spring resorts await the visit of tourists who wish to enjoy “health tourism”.

The sites where the hot spring resorts of Uruguay are nestled have a positive influence on organic balance and contribute to the sensation of wellbeing, both physically and psychically. Therefore, they are highly noticed within this field all round the world.

The various alternatives offered at each of the hot spring resorts make up a proposal that includes the most varied tastes. Nature, peace, relax, but also fitness, beauty, health and fun are some of the qualities featured by the venues in the region. In consequence, they turn out to be an excellent excuse to enjoy these sites at all seasons.

Welcome Uruguay presents each of the hot spring resorts that make up this beautiful region. Join us on our tour around these places, their characteristics, properties, temperatures, locations and benefits for the body. Afterwards, enjoy them!

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In order to make good use of the multiple benefits of the hot spring baths, it is necessary to see a specialized doctor who will point out the degree of convenience of each bath program, its duration, the number of immersions and the steady or increasing temperature of the water, according to the organic resistance of each individual.

Furthermore, a special diet must be followed to accompany the bath therapy.

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