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WINES of Uruguay


Wines of Uruguay

Its excellent geographic location has led Uruguay to become consolidated as a privileged producer of wines with international standards of quality, not only in the region but also in the world, in the last few years.

Its vineyards lie between the 30th and 35th parallels south, just like in Argentina, Chile, Australia and New Zealand, whose grapes and labels are known worldwide. Both the littoral and the central areas lodge countless wineries whose number increases year after year. They are located mainly in the Departments of Colonia, Carmelo, Canelones, Rivera and Montevideo.

Considered as a country of temperate climate due to its clayey soil, sunshine year round, average rainfalls and temperatures, in Uruguay, vineyards rest on rocky terrains or across the plains featuring soft undulations many times resembling the French sceneries that gave origin to each of the grapes that reached these lands.

In addition to the extraordinary knowledge and human quality of those who make Uruguayan wine, the climate and the soil have managed a perfect combination for real treasures like Merlot, Cavernet sauvignon, Malbec and Tannat grapes to be granted international awards in the latest contests and encounters on this specialty. There is no doubt that the mixture of these factors turn Uruguay into an ideal destination for lovers of good wine, as they may include the real possibility of touring around several wineries during their vacations and leisure time as they taste these ever improving Uruguayan wines.

Lately, various associations have been created to communicate winemakers and wine lovers and thus satisfy the increasing interest felt by both Uruguayan people and foreigners concerning the wines made in this fine-looking country. Thus, the wineries encouraging the so-called Caminos del vino (Wine Roads) have worked hard to enhance their facilities and raise or refurbish their buildings with new rooms for tasting sessions, wine museums, restaurants and boutiques selling exclusive products that give evidence that wine has come to Uruguay to stay.

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