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WINES of Uruguay

Tasting the Wine

Tasting the Wine

How to Taste Wine

1 » Holding the glass against a fair background, the color and intensity of the wine, as well as its aspect, may be observed. When swirled, streaks are formed on the glass walls. They are referred to as “tears” and they give evidence of the body, texture and alcoholic graduation of the wine.

2 » Afterwards, the glass is held from its stem and the nose is literally introduced in the bowl. The taster should inhale deeply and try to perceive the wine aromas. Thus, the drawn in aromas should be compared to other smells we know from our own experience, such as fruit, pepper, spices, flowers, etc.

3 » Afterwards, a sip is taken, enough to impregnate the tongue. At that moment, a small quantity of air is breathed in through the mouth in order to enjoy the wine all throughout the mouth.

This is the way the taste and texture of wine is discovered, as well as the sensation it leaves in the mouth. Once the tasters find out as much as they can, they should either swallow or spit it, if they will continue to taste. Tasting the wine is an art that combines science and a great knowledge made up mainly by experience.

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