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WINES of Uruguay

Serving the Wine

Serving the Wine

Today, there are all kinds of accessories to serve wine and sometimes they are so many that beginners in this fascinating topic find it very complicated and confusing to choose one.

Uncorking the Bottle:

It all starts with the corkscrew that you find most practical. Next, the following steps should be followed:

1 » Place the bottle on a table and remove the upper end of the foil covering the cork.

2 » Insert the tip of the curl in the center of the cork and start rotating the corkscrew (it is the corkscrew, and not the bottle, which must turn).

3 » Remove the cork gently trying to make the least possible noise.

Choosing the Stemware:

It is essential to choose the glass where the wine is to be served. It should be selected on an esthetic basis, considering the beauty of drinking good wine and not for the mere fact of depositing the drink in any container. Good wine is not drunk from a regular glass. It would be a sin to do so. It would be like depriving the ritual of its magic. It would be vulgar.

The selection of the stemware to taste wine should not be done at random as the glass may increase or lower the degree of satisfaction of the chosen wine considerably. The shape of the glass will have a determining influence on the flavor the wine will present in the mouth.

We recommend that you choose a glass that is made of transparent smooth crystal, whose stem is long enough so as not to touch the goblet when holding it. A glass featuring these characteristics will lead the liquid directly to the senses in order to highlight its qualities.

When good wine is enjoyed, the glass should be filled to one third of its capacity. This will make it possible to swirl the beverage inside the bowl in order to test its texture. Likewise, the aromas will have enough room to remain trapped inside the glass.

Recommended temperatures to consume wine:

Sparkling wines: 7-9 degrees
White, rosé wines: 9-11 degrees
Young red wines: 10-12 degrees
Great white wines: 10-12 degrees
Great red wines: 16-20 degrees

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