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ESTANCIAS in Uruguay


Texts: Pablo Etchevers - Translation: Cristina Bozzoli

There is no doubt that visiting the estancias of this country means getting to know their history and culture. The countryside and its men are an unquestionable part of their purpose. Getting immersed in the estancias helps understand what is thought, lived and felt by the men and women of the Uruguayan rural areas.

In the last few years, many agricultural venues and estancias have been getting ready to open up to visitors. This implies that many local and foreign tourists have started visiting the estancias and historical shells in order to share the rural life philosophy with their owners.

It could be said that today, the estancias in this country are telling their history. Both at the traditional European estancia shells lying in the middle of the plains and at the estates or farms raised in the warmer areas of the country, the friendly and laborious Uruguayan gaucho will be expecting visitors with their delicious mate to show them into their world. We just need to ask for permission to cross the gate.

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Golden-eyed milonga

Golden-eyed milonga,
sing to the girl I want;
may your fellow heart,
full of music and rhythm,
fly away to her side
and tell her I can’t live.

Just like you, she had
gold-colored eyes;
as I looked at them I almost cried
–you know it–, that day.
I never thought there could be
a woman with such eyes.

Do not say she is gone;
you’d better say that some day,
just like your song,
singing in my ear,
she will feel the beat
of the love I once asked from her.

Milonga, you are a witness
to my true love for her;
you do not have her hips
or her mouth of wheat,
but sing with me
and your eyes will speak to her about me.

Golden-eyed milonga,
may your song fly away in search for her,
and if you happen to find her
–look at her first and then–
give her with love
the heart I once offered her.

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