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ESTANCIAS in Uruguay

Estancias and Tourism

Texts: Pablo Etchevers - Translation: Cristina Bozzoli

Spending some time at an estancia means having a sequence of experiences that will be incorporated to the personal heritage of social customs. Naps are sacred, just like silence at night, except when there is some kind of celebration or festival. Name and surname are enough to introduce oneself. While at an estancia, guests will have an active stay taking part of daily tasks and routines. However, there are certain rituals, like making a good asado, that will only be carried out by the estancia gauchos. Good mate is also a way of bonding with the hosts or the staff, whether they are the housekeepers or just workers. Being part of a mate round gets people closer and does away with all differences between visitors and hosts.

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While traveling along the road, we just need to raise our eyes and let them be filled by the green hues of the plains that go unnoticed when naturalized, when turned into common sense. And it is fascinating to watch every now and then, that those green hues have people, they have life. We need to slow down in order to understand the countryside, to smell it, to enjoy it, to find its logic. That is why opening a gate and crossing onto the other side is an experience second to none, hard to put into words, to feel, to describe. We just have to go through it.

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