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Texts: Pablo Etchevers - Translation: Cristina Bozzoli

Both in the outskirts of the great City of Montevideo and in the cities lying in the center of the country, such as Durazno, Tacuarembó, Treinta y Tres Orientales or Melo, it is possible to find accommodation at estancias that have been adequately adapted for tourists. During their stay, visitors may get to understand the lifestyle and philosophy of rural men.

Center Corridor

Aguila Blanca

Aguila Blanca

Minas, Lavalleja
Puntas de Polanco - R. 108 s/n - a 70 km de Minas  Cel: (+ 598) 9-8546827  


Estancia Águila Blanca is an authentic cattle ranch submerged Lavalleja Mountain Range, a place where peace, adventure and new experiences are combined. Enjoy rural tasks, the countryside lifestyle and the endless wildlife around us. 4WD tours around the mountains, fishing, canoeing and horseback riding are some of the activities awaiting at this fascinating site.

El recreo
Km. 180.5 de la Ruta Nacional Nº 5   Tel: (+ 598) 4362-4444   email
Pinos de la Quebrada
Treinta y Tres
Ruta 8, Km.316  Cel: (+ 598) 09-5653055   email
Accommodation, rides, fishing

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To Jose Artigas

Composed by Carlos Bonavita - Alfredo Zitarrosa

Vidalita remember José Artigas, And get a sweet taste in your mouth when you say it. In the track of a century thrown into oblivion by others, Who lied about the ordeals of the betrayed.

In the old track, vidalitay, I am searching for you, Along with Lavalleja, vidalitay, I want to hear you go.

Into José Artigas’ track, first and take off your hat, as you say it. Lararailaira, lararairá, and take off your hat, as you say it.

Eastern vidalita, distant and pure, sing it to the motherland without bitterness. There is no other track, canejo, than Artigas’, And risk your neck, when you follow it.

Lonely motherland, vidalitay, Lonely and mute motherland, Break the silence, vidalitay, We are going to help you.

To help you, ay, paisanos!, ride your unbroken horses; We are holding hands, the unbroken horses. Lararairara, lailararará; We are holding hands, the eastern people.

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