Carmelo - Photos: Pablo EtcheversCarmelo - Photos: Pablo Etchevers

Standing on the shores of limpid Río de la Plata, Carmelo is one of the most emblematic cities in the Department of Colonia. Its natural borders are: the small village of Conchillas to the South, Colonia Estrella and Víboras District to the East, Nueva Palmira to the North and the Río de la Plata to the West. The latter connects it with neighboring Argentina through a two-hour voyage.

The weather at Carmelo is temperate, with temperatures ranging between 3º and º5ºC in the winter and average 25ºC in spring and summer.

Carmelo is reached by land from Montevideo after traveling 250 kilometers and going past coquettish and ancient Colonia del Sacramento, where Route 21 must be taken. Famous for its fine white sandy beaches, Carmelo welcomes tourists from all Uruguay as well as from the neighboring country at all seasons.

In the city, one of the main tourist attractions is Independence Square, around which the civic and commercial center has been established. The most important buildings include Ignacio Barrios' House, today turned into the , the New Temple and the Del Carmen Parish Archive and Museum. But the milestone that has made this city very popular lies on the ancient Las Vacas Creek. We are referring to the , a manually rotated masterpiece of modern engineering that allows large vessels to pass through. This postcard has become an icon of Carmelo and this area of the country.

The charming Constituyentes Promenade and Carmelo Rowling Club –one of the most traditional institutions in the small city- lie next to the bridge. From that point, a majestic and shady path leads to the Hotel Casino, the yacht marina, the mouth of the creek and delightful Seré Beach, one of the nicest spots in a city that has everything.

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