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Cabo Polonio

Cabo Polonio - Photos : Pablo Etchevers

Fotos - Photos Cabo Polonio - Photos : Pablo Etchevers

../img/letras/i_l.gifocated on the Northeastern area of the country, more precisely in the Department of Rocha, Cabo Polonio (Polonio Cape) is a real paradise. Due to the quietness of its beaches and the subtlety of its buildings, in the last few years, it has been one of the most visited swimming resorts by those who wish to rest.

One of its particular features is that most of its housing units do not have electricity or running water. Therefore, the rhythm and tasks of its dwellers are set by sunlight, from dawn to dusk, we might say.

Its geographic location makes it stand opposite three small islands known as La Encantada, El Islote and La Rasa. They shelter a steady colony of sea lions,

The weather at Cabo Polonio is very cold in the winter and very warm in the summer. The ideal season to visit this place is spring, as temperatures reach mild 25 º C.

From Montevideo, the cape is reached by car or bus. A milestone marks the entrance to the swimming resort. Once there, there are three alternatives to reach the beaches: walking on the sand for almost 6 kilometers, covering the distance by Jeep or on special trucks, or on horseback by renting a horse in the surroundings. Cabo Polonio lies 150 kilometers away from the City of Punta del Este and 264 kilometers away from the capital of Uruguay: the City of Montevideo.

What began as a small fishermen village was gradually turned into a site where handicrafts and tourists activities have boomed thanks to steady visitors. Its proximity to Valizas and Aguas Dulces –two much more easily accessed bathing resorts- turns Cabo Polonio into a tourist attraction to be visited from these two destinations. However, this small town has everything to provide a good stay.

Its beautiful, wide and warm beaches during the day and the presence of the lighthouse, along with the local handicrafts stands, make this a perfect site to spend the day. In the evenings, the town gets dressed in candles and street lamps that display their light until dawn. Without electricity or running water, but with a unique landscape, Cabo Polonio is one of those sites in the world that charms and relaxes every single soul that chooses to visit it. And many have come to this place to stay. [w]

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