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The Uruguayan soil hides wild sceneries and famous tourist destinations. To start your tour around these lands, just click on the photographs in the upper toolbar, drag the mouse across the map of Uruguay or choose the place you wish to visit from amongst the 26 cities distributed into 3 corridors.
See the destinations most requested by our visitors. Montevideo, Colonia, Punta del Este, La Paloma, Piriápolis y La Barra - José Ignacio.
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Hotels in Uruguay

Hotels in Uruguay

Hotels and the most diverse lodgings are part of the most requested section by visitors to Welcome Uruguay. At our tourist website, you can easily access all the lists of hotels, cabins, inns, apart hotels and hostels in every city in Uruguay. Just choose your destination and start organizing your stay.

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Hot Springs in Uruguay

Hot Springs in Uruguay

One of the largest groundwater reservoirs in the world spreads all along the shores of the Uruguay River: the Guaraní Aquifer. At this spot, the waters reach the surface of the earth at a temperature ranging between 38 and 46° C. As a result, this site is an excellent hot spring destination. Hot spring resorts and aquatic parks are part of this section.

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Montevideo 2013 Carnival

Montevideo Carnival

The famous Llamadas (calls) or the stage murgas disputed on Carnival nights are appreciated by visitors from all round the world during January and February. Thousands of men and women celebrating one of the most attractive popular festivals in Montevideo: the Carnivals.

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Right There

Nueva Palmira

Right There

Only 4 kilometers from Nueva Palmira, there lies Punta Gorda. It is the geographical milestone where the Paraná River and the Uruguay River meet to give birth to the famous...
Ship of Time


Ship of Time

The Christopher Colombus Monument standing in Independencia Square preserves documents for future generations. A real legacy everyone should know about.
Going Shopping


Going Shopping

Shop, shop, shop. Is there a word more beautiful, more exciting and more magical than “shopping” for those who visit the Chuy? It is necessary to see the city in order to...
Chihuahua Beach Naturist Resort

Punta del Este

Chihuahua Beach Naturist Resort

For years, this has been the nude beach in Punta del Este. Specially created for many people who wish to find themselves free in an environment made up by the sea and the beach.
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The typical color and rhythm of the Uruguayan carnivals.
Uruguay`s past and present on a tour around its museological institutions.
The best hot spring resorts that embellish the riverbank sceneries.
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