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With the Look Upon the River

Marcelo Sola Ricardo Giusti – rionegro.gub.uy

We walked along the city promenade and let ourselves be captivated by the shores of the Uruguay River. We beheld the humid sunset on its wooden benches.

Fray Bentos Promenade

The construction of the waterfront promenade in Fray Bentos was in charge of architects Carlevaro and Abella Trías back in 1940. The idea was to build a place the entire family could enjoy and at the same time to reclaim land from the river.

Thus, a large tree grove, benches and a playground for children were set on the cliffs that embraced the Uruguayan stream with a beautiful view of the horizon in the background. The promenade has been named after Dr. Ángel M. Cuervo, a well-known Uruguayan physician that devoted his life to research and health.

Fray Bentos Promenade

As time passed, this promenade was remodeled under the management of mayor Rubén Rodríguez; the works were inaugurated again on January 1st, 2000. This time, three urns were buried in the promenade. They contain messages for the future generations. These boxes must be opened in 2050.

The tour is very easy to follow. Visitors may start at the northern end, where Roosevelt Park is located, and then border the river towards the South until they reach the road leading to the Anglo neighborhood, at the bridge of Laureles Creek.

Fray Bentos Promenade

It is to be pointed out that Roosevelt Park is also a site to spend pleasant moments in contact with nature. As a result of the good use of the high coast cliffs –which, according to their geological formation, date back from 35 million years ago- these trails were built across flowerbeds and fountains.

The park contains a bust of the well-known Uruguayan poet Juan Zorrilla de San Martín, a monument raised to honor the Bible and the Latin American Integration square where the flags of fellow countries flutter. We recommend visiting this site.

Fray Bentos Promenade

Back to the promenade. The Uruguayan shore is ideal for the practice of nautical activities. Thus, as visitors walk about the area, they may appreciate various competitions: boat racing, rowing, sailing, windsurfing or fishing summon a significant amount of competitors.

The tour along the promenade transmits freshness, calm and quietness. Ideal for a picnic or a walk with grandparents or children. This is a classic spot in this Charrúa district, totally worth seeing.

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half a day



Tour type

hiking, walking

Useful Data

How to get there

the promenade lies in front of the Uruguay River, West of the city.

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all day

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