History of Minas

The village of Minas was created on June 16, 1837, but it was not until fifty years afterwards that the Uruguayan government resolved to grant it the category of city.

History goes that the Guaraní natives were the first dwellers of the area. Later on, some Charrúa tribes arrived. Ever since the days before the conquest, Minas has always been linked to the features of its soil and the industry of its minerals. Copper, gypsum, marble, clay and granite have always been exploited in the mountain range area.

But Minas gained its place in the world after General Juan Antonio Lavalleja, unquestionable national hero native from the city and one of the most important men in the history of the country, was born there on June 24, 1784. With great courage and intelligence, and together with other fellow countrymen, he managed the landing of the Thirty Three Eastern Men on Uruguayan soil on April 19, 1825. From then on, his name was forever printed on the collective Uruguayan imagination as a synonym for patriotism and heroism.

Therefore, he is remembered every year on April 19 with celebrations held all around Minas and the entire Department of Lavalleja. Also on this date, the Virgin of Verdún celebrations take place. There is a sanctuary to honor this saint 4 kilometers away from the center of Minas. This is the most important day in the year for this city.