Corredor Las Playas

We display the beauty of the sea in this corridor made up by: Atlántida, Minas, Maldonado, Piriápolis, Punta del Este, La Barra, José Ignacio, La Paloma, La Pedrera, Cabo Polonio, Valizas, Aguas Dulces, Punta del Diablo and Chuy. Each of these beaches has a style of their own for all visitors to find themselves at ease on the Uruguayan coast.

Atlántida and Piriápolis are the two oldest bathing resorts. The former continues to be the most popular choice amongst the Uruguayan, with a family atmosphere and a balanced combination of woodlands and beaches. The latter treasures dreamed-of seaside sceneries and the highest hill in the country along with a top-of-the-line hotel infrastructure which stood out in the old days.

The unquestionable glamour of Punta del Este has caused it to be nicknamed “the pearl of Uruguay”. Every year, the most select foreign tourists enjoy its white sandy beaches and its sea, more peaceful in the area known as La Mansa and more violent at La Brava. International chain hotels and the highest quality services complete the exclusive offer made by the city. Maldonado, which lies a short distance away, is the administrative center of Punta del Este. It stands out for its neat colonial architecture.

The singular undulated bridge of Punta del Este leads to La Barra and José Ignacio, which also show a trend during the Uruguayan summer. Always on fashion, La Barra is the destination chosen by celebrities. Farther away, José Ignacio is a paradisiacal nook for those who wish to relax by the sea.

La Pedrera, La Paloma and Cabo Polonio are the quietest options to spend the summer days beholding magical sunsets. In turn, Valizas, Aguas Dulces and the picturesque fishermen village called Punta del Diablo are other pleasant alternatives.

On the Northern end, there lies the district of Chuy, which borders on Brazil. As it is a tax-free area, it represents a huge commercial exchange center. In addition to this outstanding feature, it displays beaches where the Atlantic Ocean, palm trees and lagoons which embellish the surroundings of the city are appreciated.

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Visit to Punta Colorada and Punta...

Piriápolis - Maldonado

Visit to Punta Colorada and Punta...

Just 5 kilometers away from Piriápolis towards the East, Punta Colorada features an exquisite swim hole with delightful beaches and thick forests for tourists to enjoy.

Walking on the Beach

Cabo Polonio - Rocha

Walking on the Beach

The wild beaches of Aguas Dulces, Valizas and Cabo Polonio awaken our adventurous spirit. Walking on them is a way of traveling back to the days on which anything could happen.

Black Drum and White Croaker

Valizas / Aguas Dulces - Rocha

Black Drum and White Croaker

Half way between Cabo Polonio and Valizas is Valizas Stream. Hundreds of vessels come back with the catch of the day. You just have to ask if they were lucky.

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