La Pedrera

La Pedrera - Photos : Pablo EtcheversLa Pedrera - Photos : Pablo Etchevers
Ideal to watch the sea, La Pedrera has been named after the rock formations that get mingled with the sand on its shore. It is a small and quiet swimming resort. Its geography gives shape to a beautiful cliff from where it is possible to enjoy bright sunrises, sunsets and the countless starry nights or the full moon. Everything is possible here.

In the winter, temperatures drop to 10º C, whereas in the summer they mostly reach 30º C, perfect for a dive.

Standing 240 kilometers away from the City of Montevideo, it is part of the Department of Rocha. La Pedrera is considered one of the most precious natural fisheries in the world. Pollack, croaker, large grouper, sole, silverside and large sharks constantly visit the sport fishing rods or the nets thrown by the small boats that get into the sea in search for the fish of the day and then sell them on solid ground.

Buses or private vehicles leaving from Montevideo are the best way to approach this resort. Route 15 and then Route 10 lead to this destination.

A family place, La Pedrera has a mild atmosphere and various tourist attractions to be enjoyed by the several generations who come to visit it at all seasons. El Desplayado is one of the most popular beaches amongst families with small children. This is a perfect place for them due to the almost unnoticeable swell, which turns this into a safe location, but we must never lose respect for the sea. Playa de Barco (Boat Beach) owes its name to the remains of a boat called Cathay, which shipwrecked here in 1971. It features all what surfers need. Big waves and the presence of many youths turn this resort into a site where adrenaline is in the air at all times.

On the period between the winter and the spring, it is possible to observe the migration of the right whales heading south from La Pedrera. This is a unique show usually seen at this spot in Uruguay.

The offer of accommodation and gourmet places to eat out at any time suits the requirements of the most demanding visitors. Hotels, cabins, resorts and apartments are the most preferred options. However, the varied alternatives also include campsites. Visitors just have to get here.
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