Maldonado - Photos: Pablo EtcheversMaldonado - Photos: Pablo Etchevers
The City of Maldonado, capital of the department bearing the same name, lies 120 kilometers away from Montevideo, in Southeastern Uruguay. Its most outstanding feature is that it houses the administrative pole of the famous city of Punta del Este, located a few minutes away.

Its climate is mild all year round. In the winter, temperatures reach 10º C, whereas in the summer the thermometer marks over 25º C and many times it goes over 30º C.

In order to find it in the map, it could be said that the total surface of the Department of Maldonado is 4,750 square kilometers. It borders on the Department of Lavalleja to the North, on the Atlantic Ocean to the South, on the Department of Rocha to the East and on the Department of Canelones to the West.

There is no doubt that the City of Maldonado presents one of the most varied and beautiful geographies in Uruguay. In its surroundings, there are woodlands, hills and the sea. But also the passing of time has cast spells upon this place, which are breathed while walking down its streets or watching its old cars and bicycles.

San Fernando de Maldonado's Cathedral was declared National Historic Monument and it is one of the most outstanding buildings around the main square. Built in 1801 and featuring a clearly Neoclassical style, an agonizing Christ found years ago on the beaches of the city may be observed on its altar.

Opposite the cathedral, there lies the modern San Fernando de Maldonado Square, where numerous cultural events, as well as concerts and political and social encounters are usually held.

The Dragons' Headquarters is another important building everyone should see. Its construction was completed in 1797 and it houses historic-cultural vestiges that take visitors on a journey back in time.

La Cachimba del Rey, which used to function as a water pump during the colonial period, is a must visit. According to legend, the person who drinks water from the Cachimba will always return to Maldonado.

The ancient Calle Real (Royal Street), the Maldonado municipal stadium and some historical buildings such as the municipality or its famous ”chiviterías” (fast food restaurants) turn this city into a mandatory destination, even for those who are just passing by.
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