Chuy - Photos : Pablo EtcheversChuy - Photos : Pablo Etchevers
From all points of view, the City of Chuy is a great shopping mall where thousands of tax-free products may be purchased.

Standing on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Chuy lies almost at the end of Route 9, 340 kilometers to the East of the capital City of Montevideo, and it is one of the few Uruguayan cities to border directly on Brazil.

Only 8 kilometers to the East of Chuy, a group of beautiful beaches with white sandy beaches and strong winds make up the famous bathing resort called Barra del Chuy, a place chosen by most tourists to rest after shopping.

The mild climate of the region and its proximity to the South of Brazil cause temperatures to be regular during the four seasons. Of course that summer is the hottest period.

The city started on Internacional Avenue, which divides both countries (Uruguay and Brazil). A huge number of stores and shopping centers which compete with one another to offer visitors the best brands at the best prices have been settled on both sides of the avenue.

Many supermarkets lie on the Brazilian side whereas various duty-free shop items may be acquired in the Uruguayan part. Furthermore, this is the location of the local casino, open 24 hours a day.

The store owners are mostly Turkish, Armenian and Arabian immigrants. All this, added to the so-called portuñol (a mixture of Portuguese and Spanish spoken in the city), creates an atmosphere in which all kinds of words and phrases, many times indecipherable for visitors, can be heard. It is very funny to listen to shoppers and merchants having a conversation in various languages.

It is possible to observe the Atlantic Ocean from Barra del Chuy. As well, the Merín Lagoon is visited by thousands of seagulls and birds very much inviting for fans of photography.

A great offer of cabins, ranchos and camping sites attract visitors to stay in a city whose 4 cardinal points offer various options for traveling. Some of them include the Southern beaches of Brazil, Santa Teresa Park and , an old fortress turned into a prestigious international hotel totally worth visiting.

Palm tree groves, lagoons and marshlands compete the view that may be enjoyed by those who dare to get deep into the paradisiacal paths in the city outskirts.

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