History of Chuy

Following the road that leads to the Uruguayan littoral area (Route 19), famous Fort San Miguel rests on the mountain range bearing the same name, only 6 kilometers away from the City of Chuy.

History goes that such fort was a sort of “trophy” won during the dispute between the Portuguese and the Spanish. At first, approximately in 1734, it was built by the Spanish. Some time later, the Portuguese took it and finished the construction we can see today.

In 1763, the Spanish recovered the fort but it had already lost its strategic value for fighting. Therefore, it began to deteriorate. It was thrown into oblivion and remained closed for endless years. It was not until 1923 that the recycling works began in order to recover its historical value. As a result of this achievement, building was declared National Historical Monument.

Today, Fort San Miguel has been turned into an international inn that houses vestiges of the Uruguayan history as well as of this entire region where the Portuguese and the Spanish have left their mark. You just need to cross its gates.