Punta del Diablo

Punta del Diablo - Photos : Pablo EtcheversPunta del Diablo - Photos : Pablo Etchevers
The picturesque fishermen village called Punta del Diablo ends up at the sea. Its streets have been curved by the wind. It features a rustic architecture and beaches that seduce everyone who steps on their sands. It is one of the favorite bathing resorts amongst those who visit East Uruguay. The seaside scenery is embellished by an enormous amount of rocks round-shaped by the whims of time, emblematic tracks of the erosion caused by the sea and the wind.

Located almost at the 300th kilometer marker on Route 9, which starts at Montevideo, Punta del Diablo belongs to the Department of Rocha and lies 140 kilometers away from Punta del Este and 60 kilometers away from the District of La Pedrera.

The compass tells us that Punta del Diablo borders on Santa Teresa National Park to the North, on the pine and eucalyptus woodland reserves to the South, on the harshness of the Atlantic Ocean to the East and on the fantastic Negra Lagoon to the West. The latter is the target of countless excursions in the summer.

Just like other well-known Uruguayan bathing resorts, its most popular beaches are La Brava, with big moving waves, and La Mansa, much quieter because it rests on a small cove guarded from the wind. These are two perfect options to have fun: one for young people and surfers, and the other one for parents with small children who can play safely without having to deprive themselves from enjoying the water.

Craftsmen and their handicrafts have also found their own place in Punta del Diablo, almost by the sea. A handicrafts market which shows tourists all kinds of works made with sea shells, wood, pottery and starfish has been settled at the rockiest end of the beach.

In the evenings, apart from this market, visitors may enjoy various cozy restaurants where delicious seafood dishes are served and taste excellent drinks until right before dawn.

Fishing is also a synonym for Punta del Diablo. Here, the shark is the great protagonist and most fishermen depend on him. They moor their colorful boats on the shore and wait for the mild weather in order to go out in search for this fish. Visitors may appreciate this ritual if they get up early or wait until sunset to see how dozens of men come back from the beautiful but respected sea carrying the fish of the day.
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