History of Punta del Diablo

The old dwellers of Punta del Diablo tell visitors that many years ago, a great mansion was built on the rocky shore. Its owner was unknown. Some people say it was owned by a millionaire who wished to keep her identity in secret during all these years. The truth is that the silence was perfectly combined with the quietness of this beautiful place where only the wind, the waves and the singing of some sea birds can be heard.

The construction of the huge mansion was carried out when Punta del Diablo had not been charted yet. There were not even dirt roads to transport all the materials requested. Only the old fishermen expert on shark fishing would dwell this inhospitable area, totally hostile for the settlement of man.

Today, everything seems to have changed. But only a few know the identity of this millionaire. She is one of the most ancient dwellers of this site. Various travel agencies organize a tour around the city, which ends with the contemplation of this exclusive mansion. Besides being impressive, this venue has its own lighthouse and a private landing strip.

Those who want to know the truth about this story will only have to reach Punta del Diablo and search for the secret amongst the oldest dwellers in town. Most of them choose to say “we do not speak about that” in order to keep the legend alive.