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La Pasiva, a Very Pleasant Handicrafts Market

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Right opposite the sea, the City of Piriápolis offers an ideal night tour, especially for people who like to bring souvenirs from their holidays, either for their friends or to treasure at home.

La Pasiva, the Handicrafts' Market in Piriápolis

This handicrafts market called La Pasiva is located on the waterfront promenade, a few meters away from Hotel Argentino and next to the old Hotel Piriápolis, which today works as a vacation camp run by ANEP.

This site concentrates much of the history of Piriápolis. It is nestled in what used to be the public baths and changing rooms (unique in Uruguay in those days) of the first hotel, inaugurated in 1905, when Francisco Piria was designing and building his ideal city.

Afterwards, the venue was transformed into the Palace of Beer and later on into the Argentinian Cinema. For this reason, the arches that stand at the front of the present market serve as a kind of ruin that takes visitors back to former times: the golden days.

As they enter the market, visitors find hundreds of stands hosted by Uruguayan craftsmen who offer a wide array of original products. Some of them include accessories such as ear-rings, bracelets, necklaces, hairpins and hats, as well as diverse products made of leather, like wallets, keyrings, handbags, shoes and mates, of course.

La Pasiva, the Handicrafts' Market in Piriápolis

There are also craftsmen who offer a great variety of items woven with wool and thread and ornaments for the home, such as dream-catchers or lamps painted by hand.
Of course the market has free access and also presents attractions for children, such as wooden toys or braids for girls.

La Pasiva, the Handicrafts' Market in Piriápolis

Open from Thursday thru Sunday starting at 8pm, music shows, dancing and performances for kids, like mimes, puppets or jugglers, may also be enjoyed at the market.

La Pasiva is an ideal destination once the sun sets into the sea of Piriápolis. Then it is time for the entire family to enjoy a wonderful night outing under the stars.

La Pasiva, the Handicrafts' Market in Piriápolis
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