Atlántida - Photos: Pablo EtcheversAtlántida - Photos: Pablo Etchevers
Only 45 kilometers away from Montevideo there lies Atlántida, the main swimming resort in the Department of Canelones. Its beaches are usually chosen mainly by Uruguayan tourists and the place stands out for the great amount of pine trees and eucalyptus that embellish its streets, squares and roads.

Its benign weather turns it into an ideal destination to be visited all through the year, thus succeeding in making each visitor feel at ease with the season chosen to enjoy the city and its tourist attractions.

Due to its natural beauty, Atlántida is considered the capital of the Golden Coast. Characterized for being a quiet family district, Atlántida emerged in the early 1900s and was chosen by many Uruguayan families from Montevideo to build their summer residences. Even today, over one century later, Atlántida preserves its longed-for sunsets, its vast sandy beaches and the repeated, almost routine, strolls along the promenade.

To access the city by plane, visitors arrive in the Carrasco International Airport, located only 30 kilometers from Atlántida, though the most usual way to reach the city is by land vehicles from the City of Montevideo.

Its must visit attractions include the Cristo Obrero Parish, whose particular architecture invites visitors in, and ”El Águila (the Eagle), a construction made in rock very close to Villa Argentina. The junction between Av. Circunvalación (Beltway) and Calle 8 (8th Street) shelters the Atlántida zoo, which displays a wide variety of exotic and local animals, ideal for children.

Literature also has its place at the Neruda Promenade, an excellent option to learn about the poet’s life through many documents and photographs. The local casino, the Founders’ Square, the Expo-platea amphitheater, the former Planeta Palace hotel, the sundial, the Mother’s Monument, the Yacht Club and the local Anglers’ Club are part of the institutions and monuments that catch the visitors’ attention in a city that continues to be faithful to its tradition and opening its gates to whoever wants to pay a visit.
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