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The King in Check

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Between the Districts of Minas and Piriápolis, there is a place that catches the eye of all visitors. It is the Castle of Piria, a building that submerges us deep into history.

Piria’s Castle

“A castle” is the first thing that comes to mind as spotted from the road that joins the Districts of Minas and the seaside destination called Piriápolis. Two large towers resembling two chess rooks support the huge bars that protect the castle from the indiscreet trespassing of curious visitors who try to see what lies inside.

Just like the famous ancient game, it would seem as if bishops, knights, rooks and pawns were part of the neat and huge garden which, sprinkled by enormous palm trees, takes us back to the days of queens and kings.

Piria’s Castle

Whoever watches from the outside, on the other side of the bars, will find precisely that: a building featuring medieval shapes which was definitely completed on August 17, 1897. It was then that the future residence of don Francisco Piria, the founder of the beautiful City of Piriápolis was inaugurated.

The Peak Years
Designed by architect Monzani, Piria’s castle was one of the particular residences owned by the founder of the first bathing resort in the country: Piriápolis.

Piria’s Castle

This beautiful residence and distinguished guesthouse copied its architectural style from some Italian villages from the late XIX century. In addition to the old palm trees, the garden shelters a brass statue representing the Roman deity Mercury, an exact replica of the figure found in the Ercolano excavations (Italy).

The main building of the castle has two stories and a basement, which are not open for visitors. On the second floor, instead, the Florentine balconies offer a wonderful panoramic view of the various quadrants of the city, as well as a unique sight of the Sugar Loaf Mountain and the typical Uruguayan countryside.

Piria’s Castle

Looking Inside
Inside the castle, visitors will find the typical furniture of those days synthesized in period items, tools, weapons and art works brought directly from Europe.

Ever since its foundation, the old castle has been a presidential residence and a place for cultural gatherings and more important events that took place in the City of Piriápolis. Today, without losing the magic and the mystics of those years, it works as a local museum and is managed by the Maldonado City Council.

Thousands of visitors come along to see what is hidden behind its main gate, especially in the summertime.

Piria’s Castle
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The local Tourist Office at the City of Piriápolis organizes guided tours for those who do not have a vehicle and wish to visit this place. The office is located at the Argentinos Promenade, right next to the Argentino Hotel.

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