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A Zoo at the Foot of the Sugar Loaf

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A fantastic zoo that will delight both grown-ups and children lies at the foot of the Sugar Loaf. A mandatory tour when the weather is not nice enough to go to the beach.

The Piriápolis Zoo

The Sugar Loaf tour is a classic among visitors to Piriápolis. And it is certainly worth visiting. However, many people are not aware of the fact that the matchless panoramic view they may appreciate once on its top is not the only attraction in this site.

The point is that the Sugar loaf native wildlife and breeding station operates at the foot of the hill. This animal reserve invites visitors to go around its trails to complete a famed visit in the District of Maldonado.

The Piriápolis Zoo

This zoo, which may be seen in a ninety-minute tour, offers a great option for those who do not dare to climb up to the top of the Sugar Loaf.

The station, which shelters species from the area as well as from various locations on the continent, was created in 1980 and designed as a modern zoo that would ensure good life quality for its dwellers and offer education about animal rights and environmental protection.

Thus, once they start the way uphill, visitors get past the most diverse species. In addition to a large ophidiarium, the station features a wide array of mammal species, among which capybara, foxes, ferrets, cougars and jaguars stand out.

The Piriápolis Zoo

A large variety of birds may also be observed during this tour: geese, ducks, flamingos, chajás and storks are some of the most eye-catching.

Several labyrinths may also be accessed while going around the station. They are covered by thick delicious vegetation and shelter certain birds and other animal species.

The trails around the zoo bear high beautiful scenes, such as different kinds of trees -especially eucalyptus- and plants.

The Piriápolis Zoo

The station lies five kilometers away from downtown Piriápolis and is open to visitors free of all charges.

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