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Black Drum and White Croaker

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Half way between Cabo Polonio and Valizas is Valizas Stream. Hundreds of vessels come back with the catch of the day. You just have to ask if they were lucky.

Looking for the catch of the day

Dozens of estuaries, streams and swamps make up this drainage basin that turns this area into one of the richest regions in terms of species of fish. However, there are other alternatives like the thousand crayfish and clams that come to light when there is a low tide.

The interaction and fusion that takes place among the sea, the lagoons and the waterways make it possible for fishermen to run into black drum, white croaker, silverside and big sole in almost all the spots they try to fish

Looking for the catch of the day

The Valizas Stream is also part if this natural phenomenon and it has become the betting place of hundreds of people who every day set out to try their luck in their colorful boats of many different sizes. In order to do this, they use trawl nets with a buoy or long floating lines and wait for a school of fish to feel attracted to the bait hanging from these sharp hooks. They are sharpened during the afternoon as if it were a magic ritual.

Looking for the catch of the day

Tourists and Fishing

For catch-and-release fishermen, sole, white croaker and silverside are species that justify an excursion or a day out regardless the distance, cost or time to get them.

Regular tourists, particularly if they are not fishermen, go to these places for other reasons: to enjoy good food or to see some of the special features that contribute to this philosophy of life chosen by fishermen. That is why it is not unusual in the summer for Valizas Stream to have hundreds of curious people checking how the fishing is going.

After parking their cars, entire families get out of their cars and anxiously await the arrival of the boats, which sometimes come from the inner small lakes formed by the stream, others from the point where the stream empties into the ocean. The big fish come from that place.

Looking for the catch of the day

The truth is that after watching how the fishermen unload the fish, the tourists crowd together and make questions. Then bargaining begins. There is an essential limit to any bargaining: the fish is weighed on scales, even hand scales, by kilograms.

That is how buying fresh fish becomes a tour of its own for those who are staying in Cabo Polonio and the City of Valizas.

Looking for the catch of the day
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On cloudy days or when the weather conditions are not the best to go to the beach is exactly when Valizas stream welcomes most of its visitors. The boats coming one after the other become a visual attraction in addition to the colors, sizes and shapes of the fish. A unique experience for all to appreciate.

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