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International Dialing   598

Where to Sleep

4-star hotels

Argentino Rambla de los Argentinos s/n Tel: 4432-2792 e-mail

3-star hotels

Timbo Hotel Sanabria 914 Tel: 4432-9055 e-mail
Tamariz Salta 933 Tel: 4432-2509 e-mail
San Remo Terrazas Hotel Fco. Piria 22 Tel: 4432-1432 e-mail
Select Talcahuano y Uruguay Tel: 4432-2512 / 2504 e-mail
Ricadi Pasaje Superior Av. Piria Tel: 4432-1832 Fax: 4432-1835 e-mail
Rex Freire 968 Tel: 4432-2543 Fax: 4432-3604 e-mail
Ocean Gregorio Sanabria 1009 Tel: 4432-2554 Fax: 4432-1384 e-mail
Morgan Bay Rbla. de los Ingleses y Ferreira Tel: 4432-7701 Fax: 4432-7702 e-mail
Hotel Playa Grande Rambla de los Argentinos s/n - Parada 8 Tel: 4432-2906
Genoves Rambla de los Argentinos 1050 Tel: 4432-2505 e-mail
Escorial Rambla de los Argentinos s/n Tel: 4432-2537 Fax: 4432-4744 e-mail
Complejo Laderas del Cerro Zolezzi y Las Piedras - Al pie del Cerro del Toro Tel: 4432-2531 / 4432-5933 e-mail
Colón Rambla de los Argentinos y Fco. de Piria Tel: 4432-2508 e-mail
City Rambla de los Argentinos y Freire Tel: 4432-2522 e-mail

2-star hotels

Luján Gregorio Sanabria 939 Tel: 4432-2216 e-mail
Gran Hotel Colonial Riviera Av. Piria 790 Tel: 4432-3783 e-mail
Wiener Haus Tucumán 1007 Tel: 4432-2244 e-mail
San Sebastián Sanabria 942 Tel: 4432-2546
Riviera Talcahuano 921 Tel: 4432-4713 Tel/Fax: 4432-3783
Rivadavia Rambla de los Argentinos 1208 Tel: 4432-2532
La Cumbre Atanasio Sierra 893 Tel: 4432-2568 e-mail
Esmeralda Hotel S.A A. Sierra 887 Tel: 4432-2526
Danae Rambla de los Argentinos y Freire Tel: 4432-2594 e-mail
Atlántico Rambla de los Argentinos 1198 Tel: 4432-2552 e-mail
American Gregorio Sanabria 1003 Tel: 4432-2578 e-mail
Alcazar Av. Piria y Tucumán Tel: 4432-6603

1-star hotels

Palace Sanabria 990 Tel: 4432-3040 e-mail
La Casona Freire y Defensa s/n Tel: 4432-2441 e-mail
Del Virrey Sanabria 918 Tel: 4432-3629 e-mail

Boutique hotels

Bakari Rambla de los Argentinos 994 Tel: 4438-1112 e-mail

3-star Hostelries

Budapest Chacabuco 998 Tel: 4432-2520 e-mail
Puerto del Inglés Zabala y C. Rojas Tel: 4432-2608 e-mail
Miramar Rambla de los Argentinos 1082 Tel: 4432-2544 e-mail
Bellavista Ruta 10 Km. 87 Bal. Bellavista a 10 Km. de Piriapolis Tel: 4438-0414 e-mail

2-star Hostelries

Uruguay Uruguay 1026 Tel: 4432-0508 e-mail

3-star Apart Hotels

Terrazas de San Francisco Rambla de los Ingleses y Rawson Tel: 4432-7153
Reborn Cerrito s/n Tel: 4432-4726 e-mail
Dunas del Este Calle 11 y 12 de Punta Colorada Tel: 4432-6458 e-mail

Tourist Properties Rental

Gasalla Negocios Inmobiliarios Av. Artigas esquina Zabala Tel: 4432-4647 e-mail


Solaz Pan de Azúcar Ruta Interbalnearia Km. 94 Tel: 4430-2314 e-mail
Piriápolis Misiones e/ Juan Laguna y Silvestre Blanco Cel: 9928-8839 e-mail
Complejo Mar Azul Circunvalación y Misiones s/n Tel: 4432-1447 e-mail
Casas Punta San Francisco Av. Primera S/N - Punta Colorada - Madonado Cel: 9445-4822 e-mail


Apartamentos Piriapolis Promo Zufriategui y Las Piedras Tel: 4432-5411 e-mail

Guest Houses

Centro Gregorio Sanabria 931 Tel: 4432-2516

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Hot Springs

Uruguay is well-known for its hot spring resorts, which combine the healing properties of their waters, spa and esthetic treatments, as well as aquatic parks. Thus, visitors of all ages will choose the best alternative. This section presents the hot spring resorts in the country and their characteristics.

Digital Postcards

This photographic section shows visitors the best sites in Uruguay. Specially designed so that these images may be sent by e-mail to family and friends, the photographs shown here have been managed by our team of photographers who are constantly working to get images of the most emblematic destinations in our beloved Uruguay.

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