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International Dialing   598

Real Estate

Real Estate Offices

Gasalla Negocios Inmobiliarios Av. Artigas y Zabala Tel: 4432-4647 e-mail
Gonzalez Propiedades Atanasio Sierra 892 Tel: 4432-4530 e-mail
Le Soleil Rambla de los Argentinos 1194 Tel: 4432-3001 e-mail
Miramar Rambla de los Argentinos 1124 Tel: 4432-2615 e-mail
Noel Rambla de los Argentinos 1208 Tel: 4432-2238 e-mail
Paulo Alvez Picaflor y Yacaré Tel: 4432-3166 / 167 e-mail
Pedro Gava Rambla de los Argentinos y Zufriateguy Tel: 4432-3119 e-mail
Pinocho Rambla de los Argentinos 1118 Tel: 4432-2269
Piriápolis Rbla. de los Argentinos y Freire. Ed. Piria Loc 6 Tel: 4432-2596 e-mail
Punta Colorada Calle 3 y Costanera. Pta Colorada Tel: 4432-3368 e-mail
Sierra y Mar Ruta 10 km. 95 Playa Grande Tel: 4432-0544
William Propiedades Sanabria 923 Tel: 4432-1315 e-mail

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In Welcome Uruguay, museums are a part of the philosophy of every dweller. Therefore, they represent a tourist attraction for visitors to this beautiful destination. This section features the venues located all throughout the three regions that make up the country and invite visitors to the website to get immersed in their particular world.

Digital Postcards

This photographic section shows visitors the best sites in Uruguay. Specially designed so that these images may be sent by e-mail to family and friends, the photographs shown here have been managed by our team of photographers who are constantly working to get images of the most emblematic destinations in our beloved Uruguay.

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