History of Cabo Polonio

The story goes that one day back in 1735, a Spanish galleon called “Polonio” shipwrecked here as a result of a big storm. This charming site, which sometimes shows a brave sea that makes visitors think of those days on which sailing was a synonym for danger, was named after the ship.
Ever since it became a stable settlement for sailors and fishermen, Cabo Polonio as been the scenery of several high sea tragedies. The protagonists of these stories were countless ships, galleons and frigates that, along with their crew, would ignore the danger of the local geography and be caught amongst huge rocks. Thus, even after the construction of the lighthouse, this place was a spot feared by sailors and pirates from all over the world, who used to consider it was cursed, full of deceit and entanglements, where many of them would eventually find their death. According to legend, the compasses would get lost and turn around with no direction, as if they were possessed.

Today, shipwreck remains of the boats sunk in these brave waters emerge through the sands of this beautiful sea.

The present lighthouse was built in 1880. It has guided sailors through the dark nights in the high seas. Today, the lighthouse may be visited during the day and it succeeds in showing us how dangerous this sea is while it takes visitors on a journey back in time to the days on which a treasure could be left under the waters forever.