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Discovering Cuisine in Colonia

Pablo Etchevers Cristina Sabaliauskas

There is no doubt that Colonia del Sacramento is one of the most breathtaking cities int he world, both because of its history and its tourist attractions, as well as for its cuisine: a mixture of flavors.

Tour gourmet around Colonia del sacramento

Visitors just need to walk around the city, look at it and smell it in order to realize that Colonia del Sacramento manages a perfect mixture of condiments and aromas of the Portuguese, Spanish and Uruguayan cultures, which have contributed to its existence.

Rescuing vestiges of this glorious past and combining regional flavors with signature cuisine, gastronomy at this urban settlement is a faithful witness to these privileges, which cause Uruguayans from all corners of the country and visitors from all over the world to enter the local restaurants, restós or bars and enjoy one of the most significant manifestations of this art throughout Uruguay.

El Drugstore, an Unparalleled Site in Colonia

Tour gourmet around Colonia del sacramento

Located in the center of the historical shell in Colonia, on the corner or Portugal Street and Vasconcellos Street, there lies El Drugstore, whose sign reading 'Meals at all hours – Show' invites everyone to go inside.

This place catches the eye of those who are strolling around Colonia del Sacramento. Its rarities -such as a car turned into a flower pot, for instance- invite customers to go in and sit at one of its tables, either inside or outside.

The atmosphere is cozy and the decoration is part of its attractions: strange, extrovert, eclectic, featuring colorful paintings, the aroma of the new, scents of nostalgia, a little bit of everything and much more.

Tour gourmet around Colonia del sacramento

Guillermo Azulay, the owner of this place, and his troop of waiters pay attention to every single detail. Everything has been carefully planned and if something new comes up, the staff is ready to improvise, always focusing on the customers' needs, which are most varied. Just like every visitor, El Drugstore itself has its own perspective and that is why everyone can feel at ease. The food is accompanied by local artists and live shows with instrumental music that includes the most emblematic rhythms and songs from the Uruguayan songbook.

Regional, European, Japanese, Spanish and Vegetarian cuisine stand out. A peculiar place where 'cooking at sight' makes customers feel comfortable and learn some recipe they may try at their own homes.

Tour gourmet around Colonia del sacramento
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