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MUSEUMS in Uruguay

The Beaches Corridor

Nicolás' Jewels
Nicolás' Jewels
Meters away from the cathedral and the main square in town, an old school that is part of the historical estate known as Cuartel de Dragones houses the National Painting and Sculpture...
Piria’s Castle
Piria’s Castle
Between the Districts of Minas and Piriápolis, there is a place that catches the eye of all visitors. It is the Castle of Piria, a building that submerges us deep into history.
Casapueblo: The Place in the World
Punta del Este
Casapueblo: The Place in the World
Carlos Páez Vilaró, Casapueblo, the sea. A yacht that fades in the horizon. A magical and unique construction that welcomes you in spite of not knowing what it is.

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In Welcome Uruguay, museums are a part of the philosophy of every dweller. Therefore, they represent a tourist attraction for visitors to this beautiful destination. This section features the venues located all throughout the three regions that make up the country and invite visitors to the website to get immersed in their particular world.

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Uruguay features a rich geography teeming with varied sceneries which range from small hills and hot spring paradises to the most exclusive beaches and cities where culture co-exists with tourism perfectly. Search for the photograph of your next destination and discover where it was taken.

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