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Meters away from the cathedral and the main square in town, an old school that is part of the historical estate known as Cuartel de Dragones houses the National Painting and Sculpture Collection.

Visit to the Maldonado Painting and Sculpture Museum

What first attracts the attention of those who dare to cross the main gate of the old estate located on a small street leading to the main square are its yards, wells and galleries.

Inside, the eyes move away from the house into each of the pieces that make up this collection and which, along with the building, have been declared Historical Monument by the National Culture Department.

These works, both paintings and sculptures, were donated to the Uruguayan State by architect Nicolás García Uriburu. Not only was he the owner of the original collection, but he was also a lover of culture and various artistic manifestations.

Visit to the Maldonado Painting and Sculpture Museum

Donations made by private parties and relatives of many of the artists whose work is displayed in the venue constantly contribute to the vast repertoire of art pieces.

Rooms, Works and More Works

Like every museum, this one has its own logic. “Harmony” is the perfect word to describe what visitors experience as they tour around the rooms and corridors.

Visit to the Maldonado Painting and Sculpture Museum

The works displayed here introduce visitors into the period ranging from 1880 to 1950. Pieces made by important and worldwide famous sculptors stand out. Some of them are José Belloni, José Severino Pose, Pablo Mañé, Federico Moller de Berg, Edmundo Prati, Federico Sonería, Luis P. Cantú and Heber Ramos Paz.

But the art world does not include only sculpture. Painting is also a protagonist with works by painters such as Pedro Blanes Viale, Ernesto Laroche, Carlos Castellanos, José Cúneo, Rafael Barradas, Carlos de Santiago and many others.

Visit to the Maldonado Painting and Sculpture Museum

Whoever walks along the streets of the City of Maldonado should not miss a visit to the museum of sculptures and paintings. In addition to watching each of the pieces, visitors may see the wonderful side of this old city that breathes culture all year round and which, of course, it shares with those who come to pay a visit.

Visit to the Maldonado Painting and Sculpture Museum
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The venue housing the museum is part of the surface formerly known as Histórico Cuartel de Dragones. The museum features many inner yards connected with this beautiful place that is also worth visiting, as old cultural treasures are kept inside.

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