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Only 4 kilometers from Nueva Palmira, there lies Punta Gorda. It is the geographical milestone where the Paraná River and the Uruguay River meet to give birth to the famous Río de la Plata.

Visit to Punta Gorda

From the banks, one has the feeling of being in an unbeatable geographical and historical event. Punta Gorda is not just another place on the map of the littoral in Uruguay, it is “the” place. Apart from its natural beauty, its location plays an important role.

Strategically located by the Uruguay River, opposite Juncal Island, the place has staged different naval battles and border conflicts. Today, however, its natural qualities make it one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the region.

Visit to Punta Gorda

During one of his trips to America, the great explorer Charles Darwin visited the area and made several studies of it, back in 1833. Thus, he took with him important botanical, geological and paleontological findings to his beloved England. These findings spoke of the natural generosity of this corner of the new world and helped Darwin support his theory of evolution.

Even today, those strata studied by the scientist are kept and admired. They can be reached by stepping down a small ladder which leads visitors from the high ravine of the river to the beach.

The Birth of a Lion

Visit to Punta Gorda

It is possible to walk along the beach on different paths that will lead you to the banks of the Uruguay River or the newly formed Río de la Plata, facing the majestic presence of the Paraná River. These paths turn out to be ideal to rest and are visited every day by hundreds of fishermen looking for surubí, patí, tararira and pejerrey roaming along the banks.

A small path rises to a hill leading to the battery of Rivera through a huge botanical garden of wild plans. This battery is nothing but a big canyon from which the traffic of enemy vessels was controlled.

Visit to Punta Gorda

But what catches all the attention in the area is the Solís Pyramid. It was erected to pay tribute to the countless sailors who visited the area. This monument has been named after Juan Díaz de Solís, who was a member of the expedition in the region of Nueva Palmira and it is an unforgettable memory of his visit.

It is possible to see the geographical milestone marked with a “0” a few meters away. It is the point in the map in which the Uruguay River pours its waters into the Río de la Plata. At this point, the Río de la Plata gets the color of a lion and its slow swell that bathes all cities lying in its path. Among them, the capital city of this country, beautiful Montevideo, stands out.

Visit to Punta Gorda
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Punta Gorda is also one of the favorite spots for sailors that go up and down the Uruguay and the Paraná Rivers, as well as the Río de la Plata. Juncal Island, which is located between these three giants, allows visitors to land or else come close to any of the calm streams, ideal to sail up the river.

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