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Las Flores, minutes away from Piriápolis

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Just 88 kilometers away from Montevideo and just 8 from Piriápolis, in the heart of the District of Maldonado, there lies Las Flores, a perfect seaside resort to visit in the company of family members, especially children.

Visit to Las Flores, Piriápolis

Most of the houses in this location are quite pretty. They feature diverse styles and colors and lie a few meters away from the beach. This turns out to be quite comfortable for all holidaymakers and makes it possible for children to become more independent.

The beach combines fine sand and rocks. Sometimes, these materials are used to create low hills on top of which houses are built facing the sea. The waters are usually calm and feature turquoise hues. At dusk, the sun sets on the quiet saltwater. This ritual is celebrated everyday by those who enjoy staying on the beach until the last minute.

During the daytime, as the grown-ups sunbathe and drink some mate, children make friends and spend hours on end digging up holes on the seashore, chasing crabs with the aid of their buckets or going into and out of the sea once and again.

Visit to Las Flores, Piriápolis

Las Flores has a steady population which barely surpasses 200 denizens. Its streets are made of sand and are ideal for kids to ride their bikes at nap time or just get together and play after a day on the beach until it gets dark.

There are two very complete convenience stores, restaurants and a drugstore on Route 10. This makes shopping for supplies easier to holidaymakers, who do not need to use their cars at all.

Visit to Las Flores, Piriápolis

Leaving Las Flores through Route 71, the old town is reached. In addition to administrative offices, abandoned railways and the main square -all traces of a distant time-, there is an imposing castle built in 1956 by the Uruguayan architect, entrepreneur and politician called Humberto Pittamiglio.

This construction boasts a medieval style, with passages and towers which has been recently re-opened to visitors.

Visit to Las Flores, Piriápolis

An added value at Las Flores is that it stands just 10 minutes away from the City of Piriápolis by car. And this is good because holidaymakers may find a wide range of entertainment offers for all ages in that large urban center.

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