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Visit to Bella Vista Seaside Resort

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When it comes to enjoying nature, there is no doubt that Bella Vista seaside resort is the ideal destination in the District of Maldonado.

Bella Vista Seaside Resort, Piriápolis

Lying just 10 kilometers west of Piriápolis and 85 from the capital of Uruguay, this place combines sea, pebble beaches, woods, delightful nooks and houses with whimsical trails used as if they were streets.

For such reason, people may spend all morning or the entire afternoon strolling around the woods, appreciating the diversity and height of the tree species and chasing the aromas of flowers and plants scattered around the area. During the nights, silence is only interrupted by the noises made by toads or, very early in the morning, the awakening birds.

The beaches of Bella Vista lie on the other side of Route 10. They stand out for being narrow and generally made of pebbles. It is highly recommendable to sit there to read a book and enjoy the sunset on the water.

Bella Vista Seaside Resort, Piriápolis

The rocky formations on the beach are ideal for angling. In turn, Bella Vista offers natural viewpoints towards the sea on its typical cliffs.

This seaside destination, whose first denizens settled down back in 1930, stands very close to beautiful Solís on the west, across Espinas Creek, and Las Flores on the east, following Route 10.

Bella Vista Seaside Resort, Piriápolis

About a hundred and fifty people live in Bella Vista at present. Even though there are some restaurants on the waterfront, tourists usually resort to the shops on the Ruta Interbalnearia to get supplies.

Another option is visiting the several markets located in Solís, lying a little bit more than 3 kilometers away and accessed through the coast road.

Of course that visitors to Bella Vista feel thankful for the quietness of this place. Far from feeling annoyed, they consider it a blessing, which they celebrate and protect day after day.

Bella Vista Seaside Resort, Piriápolis

The quietness and safety of Bella Vista guarantee that this will always be a perfect summer destination to visit in the company of children.

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