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The Eagle’s Nest

Florencia Pollack Florencia Pollack

The stone eagle observes the shores of Atlántida impassively. This is one of the main tourist attractions in the bathing resort and it has its own history.

The Eagle Monument in Atlántida

A Legend Behind the Woodland

Atlántida is well-known for the extravagant shapes of local architecture, such as the famous Planeta building, which imitates the structure of a ship. The greatest attraction, however, lies deep into the paths that spread along the outskirts of the seaside resort.

Hidden behind a small pine tree woodland, on a desert beach, there rises the majestic Nido del Águila (Eagle’s Nest).

The Eagle Monument in Atlántida

A Peculiar Construction

The Eagle, like the locals usually call it, used to be a house, the shelter chosen by Natalio Michelizzi, a pioneer in the bathing resort. Its project was carried out by Juan Torres through handmade work. The huge eyes are the windows of the sitting-room, from where the open sea may be watched directly.

It is easy to be submerged in the peace of this place while watching the horizon through those eyes, away from the world, just listening to the murmur of the sea.

The Eagle Monument in Atlántida

They Call you Chimera

This was the name first given to the eagle construction. As time passed, the name was worn out and it became known under its present nickname: the Eagle’s Nest.

The solitary bird has given way to many myths and legends, some of them worrying. It was said that it used to be destined to house a chapel. Likewise, there were rumors that it used to serve as a den for smugglers once and there are those who even came to believe that it was a Nazi enclave, a confusion resulting from the fact that Hitler used to own a house in the German Alps also called the Eagle’s Nest.

The Eagle Monument in Atlántida

One Breath

Just standing in front of it and looking at it, visitors can get what they are searching for. There remains a deep impression in the mood, a feeling of having escaped the daily city life around us for a while.

Undoubtedly, this mystic place represents a must visit for those who come along to see the shores of Atlántida.


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