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They call it “The Sweet Toothed”

Florencia Pollack Florencia Pollack

Amidst a landscape where resources are scarce, there is a coffee-shop with the topmost gastronomical, innovative and eccentric features. Those who know this place have come to call it La Golosa.

La Golosa coffee-shop, Cabo Polonio

Coffee and Antics

Cabo Polonio is a booming swimming resort which welcomes more and more visitors. However, it keeps its original ambiance, its Bohemian atmosphere.

"There used to be nowhere to sit and have a delicious snack before" says Leo, who toured the world and learned about exotic cuisine until one day he ended up settling down in this place. Thus, with the few resources available in the swimming resort, La Golosa (the Sweet-toothed) was created. It is a mixture of a coffee-shop and an antique shop that sets a very attractive mark on this place today visited by those who come along to this Uruguayan beach.

La Golosa coffee-shop, Cabo Polonio

Take Whatever You Wish...

…but take off your shoes before you step in.

There is no passer-by who will not stop and stare. Its design, its colors, the old turned into something new, a comfortable place in the shade where the chill-out music heard in the background is an invitation to relax.

Everything is for sale at La Golosa, from the dishes to the decoration. Anyone may purchase the design they like best. But there is one condition, in order to sit inside the exquisite indoor area, customers must be barefoot. A mandatory requirement to feel mother Earth and stay here.

La Golosa coffee-shop, Cabo Polonio

Design, Music and Good Taste

Certainly, the design is one of the main attractions, as Enrique, the outfits artist par excellence at Cabo, displays his creations there.

The atmosphere generated in this place, combined with the possibility of acquiring exclusive items and tasting delicious dishes from faraway countries, attracts artists –many of them worldwide known- who are visiting Cabo. At times, music shows are also presented in this illuminated shelter inside a town in half-light so as to enjoy a matchless dinner theater.

And those who like to experience new things can choose the best managed local attraction: Leo’s cuisine. Baklava (a fine puff pastry recipe from ancient Persia), truffles and the most delicious home-baked cookies ever, as our chef learned to make them as a young man when he studied his grandmother’s recipe book.


La Golosa de Cabo Polonio

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La Golosa de Cabo Polonio

Cabo Polonio

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