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Blonde Sands

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Those who have been here consider it one of the quietest and most beautiful cities in Uruguay. With a river of quiet waters and sprinkled by pretty islands, this is the ideal spot to get away from everything and everyone.

City Tour around Carmelo

Named “Carmelo” after the Del Carmen Virgin, this small city has all the necessary elements to satisfy visitors and make them come back. We could say Carmelo is subtly divided into two large parts, to both sides of the Las Vacas Stream. The city is nestled towards the North and its main streets, called J. Zorrilla de San Martín, 19 de Abril and Ignacio Barrios, are in charge of giving life and rhythm to this singular and coquettish city.

Its historical shell is made up by Artigas Square, where the Monument and the Foundation Act of Carmelo are contained, the Del Carmen Historical Church and the Parish Museum and Archive.

City Tour around Carmelo

But today, the city revolves around Independence Square, also known as “Sculptures Square”. The commercial and civic activities of the city are woven around this place and it is the meeting point for various generations who take possession of this venue each in their own way.

The Banco Nacional del Uruguay, the municipal buildings and the typical coffee-shops located around this square fill the hours of Carmelo and succeed in getting the quietness of the river when there is no wind to get hold of the city after midday, when it is time for a nap.

On the Other Side of the Lion

It was a writer from Argentina who nicknamed the majestic Río de la Plata as the "river with the color of the lion". And if there is a place where this color is perfectly appreciated, it is at Carmelo.

City Tour around Carmelo

Leaving the city, on the other side of the famous swing bridge, lies a path that leads to a different Carmelo, where the water becomes the protagonist. One of the most beautiful attractions in the city and the region, called Seré Beach, lies there. Upholstered in white fine sands and winding around islets of great beauty, the Río de la Plata is ideal to spend the day.

Long sessions of mate and sport fishing are the two activities practiced 365 days a year in order to catch bogas and pejerreyes from some of the breakwaters that get hundreds of meters deep into the waters.

Another attraction is the mouth of the Las Vacas Stream. Hundreds of sports watercrafts and sailing boats wander about the area to enter Carmelo. The yacht pier and the nautical campsite, where it is possible to camp by the river, stand out.

City Tour around Carmelo

Getting away from the water, this nook of the city lodges the Hotel Casino, behind which the tourism that has made this wonderful city famous became established.

Today, in addition to enjoying its facilities, visitors may tour around the area as they watch the Wildlife Reserve, which is visited by entire families who come along to behold the beauty of local and exotic animals.

Carmelo, on one side or another of the river, has it all. Just dare to discover it.

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The small village of Conchillas may be visited from Carmelo. This is a very interesting place to go on an all-day tour. Its houses are made of stone and mud and they are irresistible for visitors. A hotel, the church, the railway workshop, the square and a museum turn this place into a dreamed-of place.

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