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Shop, shop, shop. Is there a word more beautiful, more exciting and more magical than “shopping” for those who visit the Chuy? It is necessary to see the city in order to understand this article.

Visit to the duty-free shops at Chuy

The border City of Chuy has certain features of its own which make it different from the rest of the Uruguayan cities. Its people, but especially its visitors, have given it a name deriving from the American expression “duty-free shop” which has become a synonym for its own name: “freeshop”. It is so popular in the entire region for being a tax-free area visited by thousands of people every day.

Very Chuy

Visit to the duty-free shops at Chuy

In addition to countless stores and stalls, dozens of mega shopping centers feed the consumption expectations of the thousands of visitors who come to the City of Chuy everyday in order to buy something.

Entering and walking around the venues is taking part in the indiscreet offer of products from the most varied nationalities and regions.

Visit to the duty-free shops at Chuy

All of Them Are Free

Real Free Shop, Free Shop City, Free Shop City II, Shopping Center, Free Shop Neutral, Free Shop Neutral II, Free Shop Saint Honoré, Free Shop Darok, Free Shop Natural, Angra Free Shop, Celina Free Shop, Laser Free Shop, Border Free Shop, Alfa Free Shop, Center Shop, Portal Free Shop and Vital Free Shop. These are the names of the duty-free shops.

They feature tiny differences amongst one another. Visitors can hardly tell them apart, though all of them enjoy the same public who overflow them everyday in search for the best opportunities to shop.

Visit to the duty-free shops at Chuy

However, each of them maintains their own identity, which is even manifested in dialects, codes and diverse products impossible to get somewhere else. Visitors may find the best sales to buy wine, liquor, jackets, shirts, T-shirts, glasses, watches, photo cameras, mp3 and mp4 players, cell phones, Ipods, TV sets, audio equipments and computers, as well as all kinds of perfumes and fragrances made by the most important brands in the world.

The Chuy is still interesting for those who are not usually encouraged by shopping. This happens as a result of the existence of so many brands, colors and products which make them accept some sales.

Visit to the duty-free shops at Chuy
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Even though everything is tax-free at the Chuy, it is essential to claim an invoice and to be well informed as to what products may be introduced through Customs. The same thing happens with the shopping warranties, as most brands are represented in various cities in the region, either at Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay, as well as in Brazil.

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