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A Balcony Overlooking the Sea

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If there is a phrase that may define this place, there is no doubt that it should be: “A balcony overlooking the sea”. Whoever has been here may witness to it. Whoever has not, just needs to lean over and see what this article is about.

City tour Around La Pedrera

La Pedrera, named after its large formation of rocks, is a small quiet bathing resort located on a cove where the local fishermen first settled down. Black drums and white croakers, large groupers, soles, silversides and large sharks visit the nets of the small boats even today when, deep in the high sea, the anglers search for the fish of the day to sell it on solid ground.

But even if some of its dwellers are still devoted to hand fishing, others have found out that tourism, especially gastronomy and accommodation, is ideal to look at the sea from another perspective.

City tour Around La Pedrera

The village houses were built as from 1898, when the authorities in force granted the permit to carry out the first settlement in the area.

Beach Sceneries

The majesty with which the houses, the apartments and the cabins overlook the ocean is unique. While walking about the small streets of town, visitors get the impression that real balconies with a view of the sea succeed one another. Its vast geography, which combines woods, the sea, rocks and cliffs, guarantee sunrise and sunset sceneries visitors should not miss.

City tour Around La Pedrera

During the summer days, tourists are most attracted by the two kinds of beaches. El Desplayado is one of the quietest. Therefore, it is chosen by families with small children, as there are practically no waves.

La Playa de Barco (The Boat Beach) –so-called because of the rusty remains of an old shipwreck present on its shore- is the most visited by young people, as the big waves are great for kite boarding and surfing.

City tour Around La Pedrera

About Stars and Whales

When the spring comes, as if from a balcony, La Pedrera beaches let everyone observe the migratory journeys of the southern right whales heading for Península Valdés (Argentina). This is the ideal moment for visitors to come along with their cameras to record this event.

For those who know how to look at the sky, La Pedrera is one of the few sites in the world where the splendor of the Milky Way may be seen on starry nights when astronomy fans search for comets or shooting stars with their telescopes.

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La Pedrera has only one main street, which is also the access from the main route and ends up in a promenade that surrounds its entire geography in a magnificent fashion. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most beautiful seaside towns in Uruguay; it is advisable to spend the night there in order to appreciate its nightlife too.

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