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El Milongón

Marcelo Sola Jorge González

At the heart of Old Montevideo tourists can enjoy a dinner theater with an important display of music and choreography of candombe, tango, milonga and folk music.

El Milongón - Dinner & Show - Montevideo

In this place, a sample of the Uruguayan tradition can be experienced with an important display of music and choreography of candombe, tango, milonga and folk music. The place promises its visitors an outstanding show in a setting where the tiniest details have been taken care of.

Under this incredible premise, we entered El Milongon. Dim lights and candles on each table create an intimate environment. There is a dance floor in the middle of the venue, surrounded by a red carpet. A great expectation can be breathed in the air. Visitors can choose to order a dish and some national or imported wine from a varied list, or watch the show with a welcome glass.

El Milongón - Dinner & Show - Montevideo

Soon, the presenter asks everyone to have a seat and in a few minutes the show begins with candombe, which is the most significant and current demonstration of the Afro-Montevidean culture. At the beat of the drums, several characters appear: the Old Mother, Medicine Man, the Stick Holder and a big group of dancers of both sexes get the place vibrating with their music. It is a short presentation but they promise to come back to end the show.

Throughout the night, many surprises are awaiting those who attend this exciting show aimed at tourists. It is worth mentioning that this powerful show has more than 35 artists on stage, counting the singers, musicians, dancers and typical characters.

El Milongón - Dinner & Show - Montevideo

It is time for tango and milonga. An authentic live orchestra makes itself heard with the sound of the bandoneón while the dancers of this expression from the Río de la Plata use the dance floor to demonstrate their skills. Various personalities and several dancing steps take hold of the scene and everything ends with a big applause charged with emotion. Later on, a singer sings the most popular tangos and milongas. Gardel and many other great authors seem to come to life in El Milongon. There are smiles of happiness on the faces of visitors. The tango passion stirs the spirit of those present and everything becomes a whirlpool of melancholy and happiness.

El Milongón - Dinner & Show - Montevideo

When it is time for dessert, the charrua folk music begins. Two men and two women begin to demonstrate their country skills. Tapping, malambo with boleadoras and dances with daggers on fire are part of this climax of the evening. Perfect timing between movements and pauses leave everyone speechless. The gauchos of the Río de la Plata enjoy their moment in the show and, with great enthusiasm; they know how to reach the audience.

At the end of the performance, the candombe is back, now with black dancers and the notorious presence of the banner, the ambassador couple and the queen, of course. Everything turns into a private carnival. Those gathered are invited to participate and everyone ends up dancing and enjoying their stay in Uruguay. The show is certainly unforgettable.

El Milongón - Dinner & Show - Montevideo
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Useful Data

How to get there

El Milongon is located at Gaboto 1810, in Montevideo.

Opening hours

Dinner is served at 9 pm and the show starts at 9:30 pm every day

Bear in mind

We highly recommend calling for reservations.

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